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Family Links Courses for Parents and Carers

Family Links Nurturing Programme for Parents and the Parenting Puzzle courses are for parents and carers in our community.  We offer the 10 Week Nurturing Programme and the 4 week Parenting Puzzle course (which we often run over 5 weeks).  Both courses are ideal for families with children 0-5 years old and helpful for families with children of any age. For the topics covered, see below.

These wonderful courses are free to attend (donations welcome but not expected), and open to all parents and carers of babies, toddlers or children in the OX12 area. We are sorry, but toddlers and children are not able to attend this course. We are unable to offer childcare for this course. Babies in arms (pre-crawling babies) are welcome to attend.

Our next Parenting Puzzle course will be in June. 

Please email: for further details.
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